Aerial Camera Works
Brand & Web Design

Ever since Icarus first soared too close to the sun with his makeshift wings we’ve been captivated with the idea of flight. Given the stunning aerial footage we see in television and film it seems that our love affair with the skies has not diminished. After over two decades of capturing the amazing aerial scenes for productions such as Smithsonian’s Aerial America, Transporter 2 and Burn Notice, among many others, it was time for Aerial Camera Works to refresh their brand.

We designed a distinctive new identity for Aerial Camera Works inspired by hours of their breathtaking footage. We created a modern abstract graphic eagle that emerges from a camera shutter to visually communicate the nature of work they specialize in. We chose the symbol of an eagle for various traits; they are strong, fly alone at high altitude, have excellent vision and are able to focus on something up to three miles away. The idea was to have the mark be easily recognizable whether it was ten or a couple of thousand feet up in the air. Simple Stationery that showcases the bold brand was created in black and white, along with a new website to feature their video portfolio. Green and blue were also used to reference the earth and skies where the work is performed.