Baptist Health South Florida (Beverage Packaging)

Baptist Health South Florida
Beverage Packaging

When Baptist Health South Florida asked us to design their beverage-vending dispensers, we were inspired to have some fun with the task. Instead of designing the ubiquitous splashing water shot, we took the opportunity to make the monoliths into a sort of ‘art in public’ spaces campaign and have fun with iconic images holding the Baptist Health Water Bottle. We’re glad the CEO agreed with our distinctive approach because they are now found throughout all of the Baptist Health locations.

The first work of art we chose was The Mona Lisa (La Gioconda), Leonardo’s masterpiece, but the concept is to switch them out with other works of art and eventually showcase local area artists in the future. We like the idea of helping bring a smile to hospital visitors and exposing them to a little healthy culture in an unlikely place.

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