Coleman (100 Year Anniversary Product Catalog)

100 Year Anniversary Product Catalog

Part of many fun hours of camping memories, the iconic Coleman® Propane lantern is just one of the many products featured in the 100 year anniversary catalog we designed for the company’s Latin American division. Over the years more than 50 million of the lanterns have been sold throughout the world. Founded in 1914, Coleman is the World’s leading camping & outdoor gear manufacturer of tents, lanterns, coolers, stoves, sleeping bags and more.

The catalog was designed with a die-cut curved cover which opens up to a hero image of the world-famous Coleman Propane Lantern; perhaps their most famous product to date. We borrowed the familiar forest green color from the lantern, which also appears on their logo, and applied it to an old map of Central and South America in order to use existing strong brand equity. The outside cover and back page were printed on a grooved textured paper to add interest. We designed a 100 year anniversary icon to mark the company’s centennial. A duotone shot of the Grand Canon was included in the inside cover to refresh existing product photography. The piece was produced entirely in Spanish and printed in South America in order to capitalize on logistic savings.

coleman 100yr catalog 01
coleman 100yr catalog 03
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coleman 100yr catalog 05
coleman 100yr catalog 02
coleman 100yr catalog 07coleman 100yr catalog 06
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