Disney Kodak ‘Magic’

Designapolis was delighted to work with the world famous mouse when Kodak® joined forces with Disney® and asked us to create the ‘Give Your Pictures Magic!’ (¡Dele Magia a sus retratos!) Campaign. The aim of the promotion was to provide Digital labs in Mexico & Latin America with everything needed to provide quality, ready-made templates featuring popular licensed Disney® characters including Mickey Mouse®, Winnie the Pooh®, Minnie & Friends®, Princesses®, Toy Story® & Buzz Lightyear® and Lilo & Stitch®, in order to protect the Disney® brand and give them the advantage over second-rate pirated products which were becoming widespread and of very poor quality.

In-store collateral support for ‘Give Your Pictures Magic’ campaign used a cut-out brochure to show customers how their family snap shots would be enhanced with the official Disney® character frame templates. A variety of colorful Disney® personalities are showcased full-page in order to suitably utilize existing Disney character assets. The campaign included the design of posters, guidelines, brochures, packaging and frame templates for use on Kodak DLS System Software. A total of 5 CD templates, brand guidelines and brand support were created and included in packages with corresponding poster, jewel case, CD cover and brochures.