Doctors Hospital – Gamma Knife (Direct Marketing)

Doctors Hospital – Gamma Knife
Direct Marketing

The Gamma Knife is not actually a knife. It’s a multi-million dollar device that uses gamma-ray laser technology to destroy cancerous and non-cancerous brain tumors, as well as other conditions. Designapolis designed a booklet for the Gamma Knife Program at Doctors Hospital to help educate and inform both local and international physicians about the life-saving technology available to their patients.

We used a laser die cut on the cover to subtly communicate the nature of the technology being presented within the pages of the booklet. A light beige parchment-like background was used on the interior pages to add warmth to a clinical subject. The piece was produced in both English and Spanish for mail distribution in South Florida, and medical conferences in Central and South America. An ad and exhibit display were created to work in tandem with the booklet for marketing efforts in South Florida and in Latin America.

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