Lopez Foods (Brand & Web Design)

Lopez Foods
Brand & Web Design

Lopez Foods is the Fort Knox of the Hamburglar. The company’s primary plant operates around the clock as it grinds, blends, molds, and quick-freezes millions of hamburger patties, pork sausage patties and Canadian-style bacon for McDonald’s restaurants, as well as, other food giants such as Wal-Mart and Costco, Burger King, Applebee’s, Sonic and other regional retailers.

Lopez Foods is recognized as an industry benchmark in food and plant safety, quality production, environmental protection and customer service. After a decade in the industry, a new corporate identity was created to fully represent the business leader it had become. The new mark gives prominence to the Lopez name, highlighting the fact that the company is proudly the largest Latino-owned manufacturer of beef and pork products in the United States. The sunrise references their original logo and is used to convey an implied landscape of the fields where the products originate. The oval shape subtly references a patty, and the cuts on each side nod to the processes which are carried out in the plant. Stationery, collaterals, posters, exhibit display, website and more were developed as part of the evolving comprehensive branding project.

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