Nueva Cocina (Brand & Web Design)

Nueva Cocina
Brand & Web Design

Nueva Cocina is Spanish for ‘new cooking’, reflecting both the contemporary twist the innovative brand gives to traditional Latin style cuisine. The line offers consumers an all-natural, premium line of pre-packed products to provide authentic, gourmet Latin and Caribbean cuisine at home. Since there wasn’t anything similar in the Latin food category that was 100% natural, gluten-free, vegetarian, low calorie and low fat, we knew that the branding had to set it apart from other products on the shelves.

A combination of modern and classic colors, tropical and graphic elements were used to subtly communicate the product’s main message of 100% natural, no artificial additives or colorants. A glamorous Twenties Era inspired illustration was created to represent the face of the brand and communicate exotic, old world tradition and glamour. Beautifully styled dishes were photographed to work alongside graphics that differentiated the variety of the products including rice mixes boxes, soup mixes and beef seasoning mix packaging. A total of 18 different soups, seasonings and rice mixes packages were created along with the corporate/product website and online marketing campaign.

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