Quick’N Eat! (Packaging)

Quick’N Eat!

‘Ready in two minutes!’ and delicious may not seem to go together but, when people taste Quick’N Eat products for the first time, they quickly become hooked on the taste. These quality, pre-cooked patties are made by Lopez Foods, recognized as an industry benchmark in food and plant safety, quality production, environmental protection and customer service.

We created a complete brand identity and packaging system for Quick’N Eat brand. We chose a clean white background to showcase the product and differentiated the various flavors in the brand family with the use of a bright, fresh visual identity. This translates into vivid, eye-catching range of packaging that has captured the attention of national retailers like Sam’s Club, Walmart and their customers.

quick n eat 02
quick n eat 03
quick n eat 04
quick n eat 05
quick n eat 08
quick n eat 10
quick n eat 07
quick n eat 09

quick n eat 06

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