Fittipaldi Cigars (Brand & Packaging)

Fittipaldi Cigars
Brand & Packaging

The Fittipaldi Cigar Company was founded and named after Brazilian Formula One and Indianapolis racing champion, Emerson Fittipaldi. The concept combines two of the things that the renowned driver enjoys most onto a miniature canvas, racing and cigars. Each cigar is a personal and meaningful representation of his legendary career.

The colorful band reflects many of the high-revving highlights of Fittipaldi’s career: the prominent oval represents Fittipaldi’s win in the 1989 CART PPG IndyCar World Series and the crossed checkered flags signify his Indianapolis 500 victories in 1989 and 1993 as well as his Formula One championships in 1972 and 1974. The racing legend’s signature is included as his personal assurance of quality. The predominant racing red color references the Marlboro World Championship Team. The lions, universal symbols of supremacy, guard the championship rings and the honor of the Fittipaldi family name.

Each band is an intricately gold foil stamped, embossed and die-cut work of art. The clear message to the target audience, ranging from 40-70, is that care and attention to detail have been taken in all aspects of the production of this luxury cigar that they have come to expect. Fittipaldi handmade cigars are impeccable packaged in all-cedar wooden engraved boxes. Branding extended to the case, labels, lighters and ashtrays for the unique cigar brand.

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