Oster (Product Catalog)

Product Catalog

Oster® is a trusted brand icon in many markets around the world best known for its lasting quality and durability. The brand enjoys widespread recognition with four out of five consumers in most regions, including Central and South America where it enjoys overall dominance. The challenge was to design a product catalog that would convey large amounts of accurate information alongside vibrant product images, key features, SKUs and model numbers, in a dynamic, engaging way that would appeal to buyers for major retailers in Latin America and encapsulate the Oster® brand promise.

The Oster® logo was enlarged and embossed on the cover to take advantage of existing solid brand equity. We highlighted the bestselling classic Oster® Beehive Blender on the first page, showing its stainless-steel blades and metal parts with a velum die-cut overlay. Sell sheets were also created for sales support. The catalog included the full line of superior premium appliances including blenders, rod mixers, irons, rice cookers, food steamers, toaster ovens, grills, among others and was produced in English and Spanish.

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