PuntoMio (Brand & Web Design)

Brand & Web Design

If you live outside the U.S. and want products that are only available in the U.S, stores like GAP, Macy’s, Nike and Amazon, etc., won’t ship internationally. PuntoMio allows millions of people in Latin America to purchase U.S. products online and have them shipped right to their doors. They provide personal U.S mailboxes, custom clearance and guidance for their online subscribers. PuntoMio in Spanish translates to ‘my spot.’ Their core mission is to be the spot or place where their customers can go for all their U.S. shopping needs.

When asked to design a brand identity for the new service, the challenge was to create a mark, which would represent this message across different cultures in South America. We designed a dynamic orange symbol that represents a marker you would find on a virtual map. The digital brand also evokes a human element by subtly referencing the human form with the positive and negative space forming a head and grasping hands. A vivid color palette was used in the design of different brand elements including stationery, collateral pieces and website.

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